Dog food and 4D meats

I have this conversation all day long. In different forms, the same question is mulled over daily. What kind of foods do you have here? Is my dog on the right food? I've been feeding  _BRAND X_ for 27 1/3 (and maybe a half more) years and every dog I've ever had did just fine.  

Popular websites often do a very good job of dissecting ingredient labels bit by bit and awarding stars on a point system. Take note though, where you find credit given for meals as the first ingredient in kibble, usually no distinction is made between fit for human consumption vs 4D sources of meals. Perhaps a 6th star category is in order.  

4D, that's interesting isn't it? As an industry term that references meat quality, it stands for "dead, diseased, dying, or down" animals. In other words, we're talking about meats that don't make it to a restaurant or grocery store. This quality standard is one of the biggest factors in determining the answer to the above questions. If I'm going to pay for a commercial dog food, my money is not to enable the big guys to cheap out and package the edible equivalent of fast food Play-Doh. My pets are to thrive, not just survive. 

There is much to be said for the ease at which proteins must be processed in order to promote long term kidney health and the health of internal organs in general. So, when we talk about 4D sources and especially the Goliath of kidney killers known as "by-product meals".. our goal is to steer you clear of these and help you do a ghostie right on into the world of clean, kidney pampering proteins.

Let's reference a 1-STAR food list as a starting point. If you find you're investing in any of these names as your pet's basis for nutrition, we'd like you to, well.. stop. There are better recipes, a whole world full of them in fact and they're not as expensive as you may fear. Stop paying for road kill, corn, feathers, and non-absorbable minerals. We didn't even touch on Chinese mineral sourcing did we? We'll save that one for a later time. Check us out on facebook too, in addition to more dog food related posts, I typically make a habit of taking ridiculous pictures of myself for all to see.