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February 11, 2020by Rebecca Martino0

The ingredients you see below are those of a food from a big name company, easily found in big box stores. You’d know it if you heard it. What we’d like to focus on tonight is the first ingredient in the recipe.

Corn is becoming more commonly recognized as what’s known as a “filler” but what does that really mean? What’s the big deal with fillers? You have to fill the bag with something right?

Well, let’s say we want a 23% protein formula for adult maintenance. This percentage can be achieved with any combination of plant and/or meat based proteins. In this case, they hit their goal with corn and by-product meals. This recipe intends to nourish your dog with corn.. and feathers. Good lord! That doesn’t sound kidney-delicate does it?

So corn has protein, is it that bad of a protein source? In the matter of nutrition, it’s a poor protein as it brings almost nothing good to pet diets.
Firstly, it’s an incomplete protein and though some veggies can be complete, corn isn’t one of them. Taking you all the way back to biology 101, the first chapters talk about amino acids and their role as the lego blocks of proteins. With some amino acids produced naturally in the body, essential amino acids need to come from a proper diet. Corn based diets don’t provide these. Imagine the potential for long term health problems when your pet’s diet is structured like a swaying Jenga tower.

I think next week we’ll tap into the effects of this carb on normal intestinal flora and effects on live probiotic strains. Check us out on the ‘ol facebook. We’d love to hear from you.

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