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February 11, 2020by Rebecca Martino0

Do you know what gives us a huge amount of pride? We have 100% control over which products we carry.

As a start-up small business, it seems tempting at times to bring in the big name sellers. Customers are already sold on it, we just need to put it in their hands. Right?

That’s not who we are.

We exclusively stock only the foods we would feed our own pets. When everyone is throwing around the word “natural” on packaging and other buzz words, we dig so much deeper.

Packaging and commercials mean absolutely and totally nothing, in fact, the ones that spend the $$ on national advertising are the ones who are almost certainly skimping in expense of ingredients.
The good news for those guys? It all looks like brown crunchy kibble in the end so none of us can tell what it used to be.

Let’s take a popluar protein as an example here. It’s telling me chicken meal. Ok.. well, was this chicken healthy and then frozen/refrigerated after, or was it found dead from a respiratory infection?
Goof grief Charllie Brown, I never thought companies would be allowed to use the farmer’s garbage.

At Stately Pet Supply, every food needs to have been created with ingredients that we as humans could have enjoyed. That means we ask about grade of ingredient, handling of the ingredient, and manufacturing of the product. But none of this information is on the bag!!

Our job is to be a resource, a guide through the very saturtated and confusing world of pet food.
Our specialty? Understanding what’s actually in that bag you’re about to buy.

Side note: below you’ll find a picture of me when I see a company is EU Certified. Thank you for your time and see you soon!

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